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Three Tips For Men: How To Have An Incredible First Date

first date tips for menBy Jordan Alexo

Should I pay her dinner?
Should I go to the movies?
Should I pay her the whole night?

No Way!

When you follow the traditional first date pattern you set yourself towards disaster. You will very probably end up going home with only your hands as consolation.

I know several guys who do this and they feel that women need to repay them with sex. When they get to the end of the night and nothing happens. The next day they start telling their buddies that she was a bitch.

The truth is women don’t owe them shit. It’s their fault if they decided to make an expensive night trying to impress her.

If you have this issue you must understand the following:

  1. You set yourself as a guy without value that is only kissing her ass. The more you try to impress her the more she will avoid having sex with you.
  2. You waste your hard earned money on a girl who you don’t even know.
  3. You put a huge pressure on both sides.


I want you to exclude this idea and give your first date a new fresh start.

I suggest for you to turn it into a fun moment without tension. Where you both get to connect with each other and build the sexual tension more. How can you do this?


Tip 1) Perfection Is A Killer

Stop putting such high expectations on this event and trying to make it go perfectly. The reason is this kind of attitude will only make you feel more anxious and nervous. It will also give you the illusion that you need to act differently to make her like you.

Therefore, blowing the joyful time you might have with her.

Instead, I want you to not expect anything at all. Don’t care if it will go wrong or right. As well don’t bother if she will like you or not you because you don’t even know her.


Tip 2) Casual is Your Friend

You should choose somewhere casual for your first date, where you can both relax and have a pleasant moment, such as:

  • A walk on the park during the afternoon.
  • You can watch a sunset with her while you are walking down the beach.
  • Uncommon places. I recommend you spend some time searching around town for unusual places for example: a coffee shop where they serve drinks in a penis shaped glass;  a bar with live music etc…


I want you to be creative and avoid the standard places that everyone and their mom goes. Furthermore, it will give you an interesting topic to chat about.


Tip 3) Conversational Skills

I couldn’t end this article without mentioning this topic. What should you talk about?

I honestly don’t think much about it. However, I know some guys have a hard time so I will share a few rules:

  • You shouldn’t turn it into a job interview. Where you ask her straight boring question, which she only needs to reply “yes” or “no” such as: ” -Do you like your job? No!” Instead, remember to make her speak about herself. Women love to chat so let it be, example: “Why do you like to dance salsa?” or “Why do you feel so passionate about writing poems?”
  • Talk about your passions and dreams in life. Women love guys that know what they want.
  • You should always avoid speaking about negative stuff for instance: “I hate my job” , “I hate my ex-girlfriend.” The truth is nobody cares.
  • Never ever start bragging and qualifying yourself.


These are a few tips that will definitely turn your first date far more interesting. As I said previously this is all about having fun while meeting women.


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