Leaving For A Few Months

Leaving For A Few Months

ill be backjordan alexo

Hey there,

I had to take a hard decision. I decided to stop writing in this blog for the next few months. Because I am currently struggling financially in life. As much as I love to teach other guys how to become more successful, especially with women.

At this moment in life, I don’t feel that I am living proof.  I know soon the odds will change around and I expect to make this website great.

Over the Internet, there is so much bullshit going around. That I really feel there is a need for someone to stand up and say the truth.  But first I must follow the great words of Gandhi:

Be the Change you wish to see in the World.”

If you need to contact me or any help my email is: Jordan@fulltimesexyman.com

I hope to see you back in a few months. Thanks for reading.





Instant Gratification Is Screwing Your Dream Lifestyle

Are You Ready To Change Your Life In 2014?

instant gratificationjordan alexo




I hope you had a great Christmas. A new year is about to come and I ask you the following, “Are you living your dream lifestyle?”

  • Getting the women you want?
  • Doing the job you love?
  • Are you healthy?

If your answer is “no” then you’re continue reading…

merry christmasjordan alexo




Ohohohoh… jingle bell! Jingle bell to all sexy men out there. For some reason, Christmas seems to always come with bad weather. But at least, we pass it in the good company of the people we love.

Just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with a lot of presents :) Oh…and probably you’ll get a Santa Claus like the one in the pic hehe. continue reading…

Top 5 Self-Improvement Books That Every Men Should Read

Top 5 Self-Improvement Books That Every Men Should Read

top self improvement books that every men should readjordan alexo




As you can see, women multitask more easily than us. While we just sit down totally focused on a book. They do it, while also getting their boobs tanned.

Anyway in this article, I will present the top 5 books that I strongly recommend every man to read.  They’re truly life changing by this I mean, once you read them continue reading…

The Truth About Having Women In Your Life

The Truth About Having Women In Your Life

the truth about having women in your lifejordan alexo




Why do you want more women in your life? It’s probably for the same reason why someone else wants to become wealthier; or have a huge mansion where they will nearly get lose inside. The truth is we’re all looking for the same thing. Yes, it doesn’t matter what it is. That thing is called, continue reading…